About us

redstone GmbH & Co. KG - we make it easy!

We solve problems!

As a reliable partner to the building trade and innovative manufacturers, we know the problems, requirements and wishes of the construction industry from many years of experience and from different perspectives. redstone permanently and reliably solves basic building problems with a few simple, safe and fast-to-process products.

We know how to drain buildings, how to renovate mold-affected walls and how to create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

The reliable system products of the redstone lines moisture remediation (SECCO Feuchtesanierung), mold remediation (VIVO Schimmelsanierung), interior insulation (PURA Innendämmung), wall coating / lime (LUNO Wandbeschichtung / Kalk) as well as soil remediation (STRATO Bodensanierung) do not require a high level of technical complexity, nor devices that can only be used with sound technical know-how. Our products are complementary and are usually processed from the inside. Lengthy and expensive remedial measures from the outside are thus eliminated. For this reason, redstone solutions offer clear USPs and competitive advantages for retailers and craftsmen and therefor valuable sales arguments over traditional products!

Convince yourself and find out why redstone products are so beneficial.